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**We have been temporarily out of business. We experienced a devastating loss in August of 2016. During some late-summer storms, lightning struck and killed six of our horses. Three of which we used to run our mill. Although no other horses can replace the ones we lost, we are working with two of our remaining three horses. We are now back in production. The Three Horse Milling Company is a family owned operation. We use SC Certified Grown, non-GMO, yellow corn to make our grits and cornmeal. Our mill is powered by actual horse power, provided by our haflinger-bred draft ponies. Our mill is one of only two known operations in the country that manufactures grits and cornmeal with horses or mules as the source of power. This is what makes our products so unique. The mill is made up of an old school bus axle, gears, belts, and shafts that are connected to the grinder. The horses are hooked up to the apparatus. As they walk around in a circle, all of the parts engage to power the mill. We grind our corn at a low rpm speed to keep from generating too much heat. Excessive heat in the grinding process can affect the nutrient value and flavor of the product. We grind as needed to fill orders, so our grits and cornmeal are always fresh. The grits are coarse-cut, so they do take a while to cook. No quick grits here. The cornmeal has a recipe on the back of the bag for some wonderful cornbread. The cornmeal also makes a good breading for fish or chicken.

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