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We raise Bison (also known as American Buffalo) primarily for ecotourism and education purposes. The 215 acres working ranch is located between York and McConnells in York County, SC. We pride ourselves in that we use holistic management tools to produce healthy and happy Bison, which are 100% grass-fed. 100% grass-fed means our animals have never been fed any grains. Please note that "grass-fed" and "100% grass-fed" are NOT the same. As a member of the National Bison Association, we adhere to their strict code of ethics, which includes no use of hormones and no use of antibiotics on a non-therapeutic basis. All our meat is processed, inspected and packaged by a USDA-supervised meat processing facility. Tatanka Bison Ranch meat products are "CERTIFIED SC PRODUCT" by the SC Department of Agriculture. Bison meat, America's original red meat, is prized for its tastiness and for being a healthy product. Click on IMAGES link above and read about the health benefits and other information about Bison meat. For more information about cooking bison, follow the link to the National Bison Association's website: bisoncentral.com/bison-recipes/

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