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Welcome to MamaBeehive™! We are a woman owned company who is dedicated to giving you and your family pure natural herbal & beehive products. Our honey is from SC, it's Raw and it's American! We also grow and harvest kitchen herbs. They are pesticide free and are conveniently jarred in glass jars. (So your can re use them). We use holistic beekeeping methods and minimal harvesting techniques, to keep our honey bees, our honey, & our herbs healthy. It all started with one little bee hive in Virginia. Through careful study with her mentor, Jesse the Beeman, Sally Adams, owner of Mamabeehive™, learned basic holistic beekeeping methods. We are: SC Master Beekeeper, Aregistered Honey House, by SC Department of Agriculture and Certified SC Product. 2013 SC Beekeeper of the Year Blue Ribbon recipient for both honey and beeswax at the state level. At MamaBeehive™ we are dedicated to honey bee education too! We have developed the 'Be the Bee' science program for all ages. This STEM compliant program has been presented to thousands of students across the Carolinas, by the Bee Ladies, (a division of MamaBeehive™). Please see for more information.

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