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My name is Alisa Frye and I LOVE (great) coffee! When I was just 19 years old, I moved to Santa Barbara, CA. I walked into a coffee house that roasted its own coffee and it was then I knew that I wanted to eventually do that. I started roasting coffee in a frying pan in my driveway just 5-6 oz at a time, just so I could have great fresh coffee! I then moved on to a small 1lb capacity roaster and gave it away to friends and family for gifts. I was invited to a farmer’s market as a vendor, and at that point I knew I was going to do everything I could to grow my business and produce the best tasting Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans I could! I’m obviously roasting on a larger capacity roaster now, but still small enough to insure each batch is roasted at the proper profile. Each batch I roast is never more than 9-10 lbs. I do this to ensure I don't roast too much, and am always offering the freshest roasted coffee to my customers. Likewise, I suggest only ordering as much as you'll consume in 7-10 days to know you'll have fresh coffee in every cup! I have a special dark roast blend I call “JumpStart” that has become very popular at farmer’s market and is my biggest seller. I also offer single origin coffees in a variety of roast levels. I only purchase Fair Trade coffees and strive to purchase Organic whenever possible. If you're used to drinking grocery store canned coffee, I can promise you you're in for a happy surprise! You will notice an immediate difference and may never drink that pre-ground canned coffee again! Go ahead and treat yourself! You're worth it!

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