Rocky Mountain Oysters

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Our lamb are grass and non gmo fed. To prepare these so that they are at the peak of awesomeness,they can be fried or prepared like liver. You put them in the milk, you peel them, slice it thin as possible. Little salt, pepper, nutmeg. Dredge it in flour, egg, bread crumb. Them you fry it up! If you fry it nicely, soft, not too much, it’s very delicate—with some texture—just a nice piece of meat! Then there’s the other side, sauteed like a liver—hot pan, onion, garlic; glaze it with white wine or red wine, make a nice little sauce out of it. Then serve it with mashed potatoes. While these aren't for everyone, if you want to take a trip out of your normal comfortable meal time, these will do it for you!Package weighs .59 lbs.
Product Available Until 12/31/2018
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