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As avid Gardeners, we at Old Pump Soaps needed a hardworking, effective dirt removing soap. We hand-crafted our natural Nitty Gritty Gardner’s Soap with exactly that in mind! First, the Local Southern Grits and Corn Meal add a lightly abrasive texture that effectively removes even the most stubborn dirt! After that, your hands are left feeling soft and clean thanks to the Extra-Moisturizing Oils and Butters that most other hand soaps leave out! This is one of our best selling soaps for good reason! *At Old Pump Soaps we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality Natural Essential Oils. All of our products are homemade and handcrafted with only the highest quality ingredients. Many modern bath products & "natural soaps" are made using Unnatural ingredients like Chemical Fragrance Oils but you can rest assured that Old Pump Soaps is the healthy option. We strive to be a simpler option that everyone can feel good about!*
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