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Wonderful Shampoo Bar made with “Good for Your Hair Oils”. Our Blue Shampoo Bar puts the focus on Tea Tree Oil which provides antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties. Tea Tree Oil helps to stimulate healthy hair growth and heal many scalp problems such as dryness and flakiness. A Refreshingly Good Shampoo Bar which has quickly become a favorite locally! Organic Coconut Oil - One of the best things you can use to avoid harmful chemicals that are in many commercial hair care products. Protects your hair from elements, Keeps hair strong, nourished, shiny, and manageable. Conditions, helps hair growth, & used to get rid of dandruff. Jojoba Oil - readily accepted by the scalp and does not mess with your scalp’s natural balance. Used to treat dry scalp problems and dandruff, add shine, elasticity and softness to hair. Castor Oil – Increases hair growth & controls hair loss. Fights scalp infections and dandruff. A natural conditioner and moisturizer, castor oil is simply the magic potion for healthy and lustrous hair. Olive Oil – Has been used to promote healthy skin/scalp. It coats each strand of hair, making it stronger, softer and shinier. Also, it helps decrease dandruff and split ends. Try an Old Pump Shampoo Bar with our specially formulated Hair Rinse for Naturally Healthy Hair!
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